Join the Ramsey Canyon CBC on Friday, Dec. 16

Many of you have participated in the Ramsey Canyon Christmas Bird Count (RCCBC) in prior years.  During the 2013 count, 108 participants documented 147 bird species.  We have decided to revive the RCCBC this year, with some changes to past counts.

The 2016 count date will be Friday, December 16th.  Karen LeMay will be the point of contact for organizing teams and fielding questions.  Please respond directly to Karen LeMay by sending email to or by calling (520) 378-3262.

One change to past RCCBCs will be no formal count-day breakfast or dinner.  The second change will be that area leaders will upload all data to eBird.  For more information on that process, including the bird checklist and other forms, see

If you have not participated in the RCCBC before, consult the map of the count circle.

This will be Audubon’s 116th Christmas Bird Count.  With the election results pointing to an uncertain fate for the environment and wildlife, participation in this longest-running of all citizen science projects is one way we can all show our support for the natural world.  We should never under-estimate our power in numbers to influence public policy.

Since the count will be held in less than six weeks, please send Karen a quick response of whether:

  • you are able and willing to participate as a member of team in the field or…
  • you are able and willing to lead a team in the field and…
  • would be willing to lead other participants or prefer to participate alone and…
  • which area you would prefer to cover or…
  • you are able and willing to conduct a feeder watch in your yard or…
  • you would like to be taken off the email list for this CBC

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you know who may be interested in participating in this bird count.  And feel free to give me a call or respond to this email with any questions.  It would be very helpful if you would put “RCCBC” in the subject line of emails.




Karen LeMay / Bob Behrstock
Ramsey Canyon Christmas Bird Count Compiler
10359 S. Thicket Place
Hereford, Arizona  85615-9238
(520) 378-3262


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