Free! SEAZ Birds: The Missing Tracks

With spring approaching, birders will want to consult a free resource before heading outdoors locally: a digital audio collection called SEAZ Birds: The Missing Tracks.   This collection of the unique songs and calls of our regional specialties (missing from most birding apps) is now archived by the American Birding Association and available for online listening or for offline download into a smartphone music library:

The project was created by local birder Diana Doyle, who moved to Southeast Arizona to enjoy the unique birding region of the Madrean Sky Islands. Logging hours in the field, she noticed that many of the region’s unique borderland calls were missing in the popular national birding apps, whether it was a common species like Bewick’s Wren with its very different Mexican song, or a hoped-for rarity such as Eared Quetzal. SEAZ Birds: The Missing Tracks ultimately became a 117-track, 75-species, five-disc digital collection.

For additional information, read the liner notes.