Submit BLM volunteer form each year

Volunteers, have you already submitted a BLM Volunteer Service Agreement form?
If you haven’t already completed and signed a volunteer form since October 2013, the Board of Directors of Friends of the San Pedro River (FSPR) and our BLM partners would like all volunteers to submit a signed Volunteer Services Agreement annually to FSPR (who will send it on to BLM). To do so, please first read the BLM Risk Management Worksheet prepared by the BLM for FSPR volunteer activities. It is available either as an e-mail attachment or on the website or as a hardcopy which can be found at the BLM/Friends office, at San Pedro House, and at Fairbank Schoolhouse. Next, please read, complete, and sign the enclosed BLM Volunteer Service Agreement form and return it in the enclosed envelope. The volunteer agreement needs to be signed by each volunteer for Friends of the San Pedro River just once a year. It covers volunteer activities described on the form and performed on any lands managed by the BLM Tucson Field Office (TFO). Note that the FSPR Assistance Agreement and the FSPR liability insurance covers additional volunteer activities, including those not on BLM-managed lands.

Deni Seymour’s SPRNCA RMP input

Here is a link to the input provided for the Resource Management Plan by Dr. Deni Seymour. 

Dr. Seymour is the pre-eminent San Pedro River archeologist whose groundbreaking work has rewritten the archeology of our area, including the arrival of the Sobaipuri before the end of the Hohokam era and, similarly, the arrival of the Apache in our area as early as 1300 AD. She has excavated in the SPRNCA at Terrenate and Gaybanipitea and elsewhere. Her books and articles on our area form a body of work that we highly recommend. She has been kind enough to let us share her input with our membership. Her comments on how to preserve and protect the cultural resources of the SPRNCA, presented here, make interesting reading. She has been actively engaged in our area for 30 years and she speaks with authority.

Download articles from Dr. Seymour’s academia page or visit Dr. Seymour’s personal website

The FSPR Board of Directors has submitted SPRNCA RMP scoping comments to BLM.
Read the sample SPRNCA RMP scoping comments.   Learn more about the RMP process.
Check out presentations from scoping forums on the BLM SPRNCA RMP Resources site.