Ramsey Canyon Christmas Bird Count

The 2015 Ramsey Canyon Christmas Bird Count (RCCBC) was held on Saturday, December 19, 2015. The final total is 95 species observed across 12 checklists documenting 1,615 individual birds.

The date for the next count is Friday, December 16, 2016.  If you wish to participate, please contact Karen LeMay by email to karenlemay@cox.net or by calling  (520) 378-3262.

How to participate

Team leaders would submit the tallies for each area to eBird.org (click Submit Observations). Create an eBird account if you don’t already have one; you’ll need it to access how-to documentation and to submit tallies. You can get started by accessing the eBird Quick Start Guide.

Here are some hints to help. First, traveling counts with accurate mileage and duration are preferred over area counts in eBird. Do not select an eBird hot spot as the location for the team, especially if you birded outside the hot spot! Generally CBC checklists should be mapped to a personal location specific to the sector that you cover rather than in eBird hot spots. Team party hours and miles would need to be noted in the eBird checklist since the miles reported in eBird are one-way. Prospective Ramsey Canyon CBC participants can view a map of areas in the count circle to help identify the one for their team. In addition, they can download checklists and other CBC forms listed below (see FORMS). Finally, share your eBird checklist with RamseyCanyonCBC.  By sharing each CBC eBird checklist with eBird user RamseyCanyonCBC, each team’s tallies will be available to compile (see http://ebirdhotspots.wikispaces.com/SD-Share+Checklist for simple instructions).

Click the link below to see areas covered by teams: http://audubon.maps.arcgis.com/home/webmap/embedViewer.html?webmap=73e77520459f4fce81cb68b08ee329eb&extent=-110.3558,31.4786,-110.2174,31.5595&zoom=true

Note: entering CBC tallies in eBird

Just a reminder that eBird has guidelines for the entry of data from your Christmas Bird Count efforts that are somewhat different from the guidelines for day to day eBirding.  Of particular note is that generally CBC checklists should be mapped to a personal location specific to the sector that you covered rather than in eBird hotspots. Also note that eBird and CBC have very different guidelines for calculating the distance that you enter in. You can include your CBC-style effort data in the checklist note space while entering the eBird-style effort data in the eBird effort data boxes. Details here: http://help.ebird.org/customer/portal/articles/1010523-can-i-enter-my-christmas-bird-count-into-ebird-?b_id=1928

You will hear about details for the event directly from the compiler.  No CBC breakfast nor compilation dinner is planned, although participants may elect to meet informally at a local restaurant to discuss the count and do a provisional tally.  The results will be posted on the web site mentioned above.

You can find other Arizona CBCs on the Tucson Audubon website.

FORMS:  Download the Checklist of Species to tally birds seen and the Party Hours/Miles Form which can be printed to summarize the results after the bird count.   If you see an unusual bird during the count, you can print the official CBC Rare Bird Form.

Visit the National Audubon Society CBC web site for comprehensive information about the Christmas Bird Count, including history, objectives, and results. You can also visit the Arizona Field Ornithologists web site to find Christmas Bird Counts in Arizona or visit the National Audubon site and get involved in other counts outside Arizona.

The Count Circle

Shown below is a map of the count circle covering portions of Sierra Vista (upper left), Huachuca Mountains (lower left), San Pedro River (right), and Palominas (lower right).google-maps-RCCBCRCCBC_areas_covered

For details of any Audubon Christmas Bird Count, please visit the CBC website at http://birds.audubon.org/christmas-bird-count.