FSPR Volunteer Service/Activity Description

Fence maintenance:

Description: Maintain and repair chain-link, wood and other fences to keep public lands secure, accessible and safe.  Pour concrete footings, patch chain-link fence.

1.     Location: San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, specific locations determined in project planning

2.     Time/schedule commitments: Special projects planned and announced in advance, 3 to 4 hour workday or longer depending on project.

3.     Use of government vehicle: Will be operated by government employee as needed to haul clippings and debris.  May ride as passenger in government vehicle.

4.     Use of personal vehicle: For volunteerŐs personal transportation to work site.

5.     Tools and equipment: Sledgehammers, drills, and other similar power tools.  Wire cutters, hammers, screwdrivers, chisels, pliers, handsaws, level, wrenches and shovels.  Materials include posts, nails, screws, bolts, mesh, and pre-mixed concrete.  May work near or around towable augers and other heavy equipment.

6.     Personal tools and equipment: Work gloves and personal protective clothes and footwear.  Drinking water and food/snacks, hat, sunblock.

7.     Skills and abilities needed: Skills repairing, plumbing and replacing posts, footings, mesh/links and rails. Walking on natural terrain, picking up and carrying equipment and supplies, sometimes heavy or cumbersome loads.

 Training and certifications: Recognizing potential hazards encountered along trails. Lifting and carrying loads and tools.

8.     Level of physical activity: Moderately strenuous due to walking, picking up and carrying loads.

9.     Hazards or risks: Walking outdoors on natural terrain, uneven and rough ground, sometimes in remote locations.  Potential cuts and punctures, potential pathogens, hazardous materials.  Hazardous materials will be reported to BLM representative on site, and will not be handled or removed by volunteers. Encounters with stinging and biting insects, wildlife, allergens (dust, pollen).  Encounters with undocumented immigrants, drug smugglers, hunters.