FSPR Volunteer Service/Activity Description

Graphic Design, interpretive products:

Description: Design, layout and print draft-quality brochures, flyers, newsletters, signs and other interpretive and visually engaging products.  Prepare high-volume jobs for publication, replication and distribution.  Research and solicit feedback on content and visual appeal.

1.     Location: Friends of the San Pedro River office co-located with the BLM San Pedro Project Office in Hereford, AZ. May perform some tasks on home computer.

2.     Time/schedule commitments: Half-time (no more than 20 hours/week) staff position.  Work schedule is flexible.

3.     Use of government vehicle: Will be operated by government employee. May ride as passenger in government vehicle on rare occasions.

4.     Use of personal vehicle: For volunteerŐs personal transportation to work site.

5.     Tools and equipment: Computer, printer/plotter, design/layout/publishing software and other miscellaneous office equipment and printing supplies.

6.     Personal tools and equipment: Appropriate casual personal attire and footwear.

7.     Skills and abilities needed: Modest computer publishing, layout and graphic design skills. Picking up and carrying office equipment, occasionally heavy or cumbersome loads with assistance (e.g. boxes).

 Training and certifications: Recognizing potential hazards encountered in and around buildings. Lifting and carrying equipment, supplies, and other heavy loads.

8.     Level of physical activity: Modest physical demands in general requiring simply good overall health.  Occasional moderately strenuous activities like picking up and carrying loads.

9.     Hazards or risks: Tripping over indoor thresholds/obstacles. Encounters with stinging and biting insects, allergens (dust, pollen) in and around buildings.