The Fairbank Schoolhouse Has Reopened!!

We are happy to announce that the Fairbank Schoolhouse has resumed normal operations after nearly two years of closure due to Covid-19. We are open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday every weekend. Hours are from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Swing by for a visit!

You will notice some changes. We have discontinued our retail sales at the school. Thanks to generous donors and a small army of volunteers, the interior has been de-spidered, de-moused, thoroughly cleaned, and rearranged.  The exterior boasts brand-new, custom-built doors, replacing the old weathered and deteriorated wooden doors.  A fresh coat of finish and varnish on the doors will help keep the exterior looking new for years to come.

Thanks! Fairbank has reopened because of your support.

Volunteer Position Descriptions FY 22-23

FSPR volunteers, please review the position descriptions provided by the Bureau of Land Management for each volunteer activity you plan to provide for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2022.

FSPR PD-Admin office clerical

FSPR PD-Clean up and trash removal

FSPR PD-Fence maintenance

FSPR PD-Graphic design interpretive products

FSPR PD-Invasive exotic plant removal or treatment

FSPR PD-Landscaping, landscape maintenance

FSPR PD-Lead educ-interp events

FSPR PD-Lead school groups or programs

FSPR PD-Mapping GPS surveys

FSPR PD-Recreation use monitoring

FSPR PD-Restoration repair of historic properties

FSPR PD-Sign maintenance installation

FSPR PD-Special events festivals or programs

FSPR PD-Trail maintenance

FSPR PD-Vegetation surveys and monitoring

FSPR PD-Visitor center public contact

FSPR PD-Wells and hydrological monitoring

FSPR PD-Wildlife surveys and monitoring