Bureau of Land Management Volunteer Position Descriptions and Risk Management Worksheets

FSPR Volunteers, please review the Volunteer Position Descriptions applicable to the volunteer duties you will be performing for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2023, as well as the Risk Management Worksheets.

FSPR PD Admin office clerical

FSPR PD Clean up and trash removal

FSPR PD Fence maintenance

FSPR PD Graphic design

FSPR FD Landscaping maintenance

FSPR PD Lead educational or interpretive events

FSPR PD Lead school groups or programs

FSPR PD Mapping GPS surveys

FSPR PD Recreation use monitoring

FSPR PD Restoration repair of historic properties

FSPR PD Sign maintenance installation

FSPR PD Special events festivals or programs

FSPR PD Trail maintenance

FSPR PD Vegetation surveys and monitoring

FSPR PD Visitor center public contact

FSPR PD Wells and hydrological monitoring

FSPR PD Wildlife surveys and monitoring

Risk Management Worksheet Office Work

Risk Managment Worksheet Field Work