Summer 2019 River Roundup Is Here!

Here’s what’s happening!

Summer 2019 Newsletter

In This Issue: President’s Report… Bailey’s Recovery… New SPRNCA Bird Checklist… SE AZ Bird Vocalizations… Former Defense Sites in SPRNCA… Earth Day 2019… Talking Up the River… Wet/Dry Mapping… MAPS Program… History of SPRNCA & FSPR… From Fuelwood to Fossil Fuels.. New River Website… Members… Calendar… Contacts


New! SEAZ Birds: The Missing Tracks

A new digital audio collection, SEAZ Birds: The Missing Tracks, is available to the birding community as a free download. The project was created by local birder Diana Doyle, who recently moved to Southeast Arizona’s unique birding region of the Madrean Sky Islands. Logging hours in the field, she noticed that many of the region’s unique borderland calls were missing in the popular national birding apps, whether it was a common species like Bewick’s Wren with its very different Mexican song, or a hoped-for rarity such as Eared Quetzal. SEAZ Birds: The Missing Tracks ultimately became a 117-track, 75-species, five-disc digital collection. Read the media release with all the details.

For additional information, liner notes, cover art, or access to one or more of the discs, email

List of volunteer services for VSA form

In order to complete the revised BLM Volunteer Service Agreement form (also available in hardcopy) for fiscal year 2020 starting October 1, 2019, volunteers should check each of the boxes listing the services they plan to provide during the course of the year and then send email to about how to submit the form.  The volunteer roles associated with those services are described in the pages below: